“I completed three months of vacation work with Irwinconsult during university, and was offered a position as a graduate structural engineer beginning in 2015. Since starting,  I have been involved in the design of multiple types of projects which have both challenged and exposed me to a wide range of structural engineering aspects.

I enjoy assisting senior engineers with their projects and in turn, receiving invaluable mentoring and guidance. At Irwinconsult, we are encouraged to ask questions and I have found that people are always willing to help me with any problems I have. Being in close proximity to senior and associate engineers means I have access to a wide range of knowledge and experience. I love that every day is different, and every task combines problem solving, theoretical understanding and practical considerations. In addition to learning from my colleagues, Irwinconsult also provides us with the opportunity to attend technical seminars and training in computer software programs.

On top of being a great start to my engineering career, Irwinconsult also has a social culture that extends outside work hours. Lunchtime is full of friendly banter and Friday night involves a few drinks around the pool table. There are frequent social activities and opportunity to join team sports. I really enjoy playing in the company social netball team every Wednesday night, which has been great for forming new friendships and developing my team work skills.”