Sustainable design is the way of the future and a skill that Irwinconsult has excelled in for many years.

From the earliest phases of the design process, we provide services that cover the entire spectrum of environmental issues associated with building design, operation and management. Utilising our advanced international education and experience, we are committed to the facilitation of world leading environmental outcomes.

We can rate your building using NABERS and Green Star certification schemes and we are experienced in the use of computer simulation techniques to assess a building's thermal, daylight and natural ventilation performance.

ESD Design and Planning

  • Best Practice ESD Consultancy
  • Masterplanning
  • Integrated ESD Concepts
  • Innovative and Emerging Technologies
  • Financial Analysis

Environmental Rating Tools

  • Green Star

Compliance Assessments

  • NCC/BCA Section J Compliance Assessment and Reporting
  • NCC/BCA Section J JV3 performance modelling
  • NCC/BCA Section J Expert Judgement Reporting
  • NatHERS Reporting (FirstRate5 / Accurate)
  • Sustainable Management Plan

Building Simulation

  • Thermal and Energy modelling using IES Virtual Environment
  • Daylight, Shade and Solar analysis using Ecotect or IES
  • Natural Ventilation, Air Quality, Air Flow (CFD)

Recent Projects