289 Wellington Parade South is a multi-storey office building based in East Melbourne and home to Irwinconsult.  With a personal stake in the outcome, our ESD team were commissioned to use their extensive experience to achieve an outstanding 67 points representing Australian Excellence in environmentally sustainable design. Particularly high scores were achieved in the Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), energy, water and materials categories. The modern, open plan interior design aims to minimise energy consumption, while providing a comfortable and healthy office environment. The base building chilled beam system was altered to suit the specific requirements of the tenancy, with additional passive and active beams being included. In addition, an automatic shutdown system for all PCs, an addressable lighting control system, lighting zones, motion and daylight sensors, and high frequency ballasts are utilised as energy saving measures.

A high percentage of fitout items are GECA certified or relocated from the previous Irwinconsult office, while measures were taken to reduce VOCs and formaldehyde content in materials used. Indoor plants also contribute to enhance indoor environment quality.

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