Monash University Caulfield Campus Green was the culmination of the University’s vision and TCL’s design intent to create an intimate central campus hub and provide better connectivity between surrounding campus buildings.

Significant level changes across the site introduced design complexities, as well as the need to futureproof for infrastructure ring main systems in line with the masterplan. Various authority assets were either relocated, or purchased back from the respective authorities to enable flexible solutions. A particular feature of the project is the central water feature, which serves the dual function of rainwater harvesting and storm water treatment. The design included a pump station diverting rain water captured from the entire precinct to the water feature, plus the provision of two x 230,000 litre underground storage tanks. Services connections to the adjacent buildings were modified for design and future-proofing considerations. Services engineering design was also provided for the Sound Shell located at the eastern end of the Green as a facility for outdoor performances.

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