The new Parliament House, Canberra was officially opened on 9 May 1988 by Queen Elizabeth II. At a cost of AUD1,050 million, it was a pre-eminent example of state-of-the-art application of materials technology to the construction of a major building project. Occupying 250,000m2 of a 32h site, it quickly became the focal point of Canberra’s landscape sitting atop Capitol Hill.
Irwinconsult was commissioned to provide structural engineering, including quality assurance of all structural elements, and deliver a building with a designed life-span of 200 years. Our team introduced concrete technology of the highest order, specifically in material selection and the maintenance of colour and texture uniformity. We also logistically supported fast-track construction to guarantee the opening date and designed the 74m stainless steel flag mast to achieve the required slender profile, extending the limits of the prevailing technology to crown the building. The successful completion of this major Australian project was completed with a creative, methodical and comprehensive application of engineering design and materials technology.

1992 American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Honour
1991 RAIA Canberra Medallion Award for Water Feature
1990 Federation Internationale de la Precontrainte – Special Mention for Outstanding Structures
1990 Building Stone Institute (New York) – Tucker Award for Design Excellence
1990 RAIA Civic Design Award, Art/Craft Program
1989 RAIA Sir Zelman Cowan Award
1989 RAIA Canberra Medallion Award for Architectural Excellence
1989 BHP Australian Steel Construction Award for Flag Mast Structure
1987 IEAust Engineering Excellence Award – Building and Civil Design for Flag Mast Structure

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